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2. Account activation after placing your order
After you place your order with us, we will automatically create an account and send an Activation Email to your email address

If you are a returning customer and have not activated your account through our Activation Email, you can simply create a new password with your email address.

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With your Membership Account, you can save your prescription details. There are two ways to save your prescription details:

1. Add your prescription details to your Membership Account. In your Account Dashboard click "Prescription" > “Add a New Prescription”. For more information on how to read your prescription, click here.

If you are unsure of how to read your prescription, feel free to send our team a photo of your prescription and we can help you to fill in the information.

2. When you are logged into your Account and place an order, we will automatically store your prescription details for future purchases.

No, we won’t automatically save your details but you can select "Enable Express Payment" by editing your account information or select "Securely store this card for future purposes" during checkout. We will then store the last 4 digits of your credit card number, the expiration date, and card type only.

To use Express Payment when finalizing your order, you only need to enter your CVV code (last 3 digits on the back of your credit card).

1. Click "Personal Information" > "Edit/Add Address".

2. Select your default billing address and click "Edit".

3. Under "Express Payment", you can delete your card information.

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- Fast Shipping item: will be shipped the next day, Monday to Saturday

- Non-Fast Shipping item: processing time is 5-11 working days before shipping.

Please note that all orders with prescription lenses will take 2-5 additional days to process and fit the lenses to your frame.

For more information regarding our shipping times, please click HERE.

We ship to all countries worldwide with free international shipping.

For more information regarding our shipping times, please click HERE.

Yes, we can ship to valid PO Boxes and military addresses.

However, the delivery will be made by non-registered post to these addresses as no signature upon delivery is required.

Please note that non-registered post cannot be tracked once it is sent from our distribution center.

We will inform you by email when your order has been shipped and include the courier tracking details, so you can easily track the delivery status of your product.

If you are not available to sign for your package, make sure to ask someone else to sign for the package on your behalf.

A receptionist or colleague can usually sign on your behalf if the delivery address is your work place.

If nobody is available to receive and sign for the package, the courier service will either reschedule the delivery to the next working day, or will leave a card in your mail box with their contact details and pick-up address.

You can then contact them to schedule a delivery date, or collect your package at the stated address.

Your order will be dispatched from one of our logistics centres in either Germany, Italy, the USA, Australia or Hong Kong, therefore we cannot guarantee that your order will be exempt from government-imposed import duties and taxes.

Reimbursement: In the unlikely event that your item is held by customs and you are notified to pay additional custom duties, please note that we will fully reimburse these costs. Please first proceed to pay the fee and ask for a formal invoice.

Contact our Customer Service Team and provide us with a clear photo or scan of the invoice, so we can fully reimburse the costs.

Exception: Please note that we do not refund Brazilian customs duties or taxes due to the nature of the Brazilian Trade Regulation; all customers in Brazil are fully-responsible for any custom duties or taxes incurred.

We offer a hassle free 100 days returns policy for an exchange or refund.

See our Return Policy.

We offer an exclusive 24 months warranty for all manufacturers' defects on eyeglass frames, sunglass frames, and prescription lenses. For more information on our warranty policy, click HERE

You can cancel your order at any point prior to shipment or lens fitting.

Please Contact Us with your cancellation or order change request and our Customer Support Team will happily assist you.

Common prescription abbreviations:

  • -OD = right eye
  • -OS = left eye
  • -SPH = SPHERE power; the “overall” power
  • -CYL = CYLINDER power; the amount of astigmatism
  • -AXIS = the direction of the astigmatism, measured in degrees (1-180)
  • -ADD = how much power gets added to the distance Rx (prescription)
  • -PD = pupillary distance (the distance in between your 2 pupils in millimeters (mm))

If you feel uncertain about how to fill in the prescription details correctly, please Contact Us with your prescription for our Customer Service Team to help

PD means pupillary distance and it is the distance between your pupils.

For adults, the average PD is between 57- 65mm. Normally your optician can provide you with this information, but it’s also easy to measure by yourself.

The near PD is only necessary for reading and progressive lenses. If you don't have the near PD in your prescription, you can just deduct 3mm from your normal PD.

The option we recommend for measuring your PD is by using our free online tool. We recommend this way as it’s fast, easy, and accurate. All you need for our online tool is a smartphone or a webcam, and follow 4 easy steps. Find your PD now using our free and easy online tool here!

No, contact lenses prescriptions are not the same as eyeglasses prescriptions. Eyeglass lenses are placed further from the eye compared to contact lenses, which are directly on top of the cornea.

If you are not sure, we recommend you to contact your optician to ensure that you are using the correct prescription for your order.

All our lenses are fitted by optical dispensers and we guarantee that all our lenses are 100% accurate. Please feel free to read more about our 100% Lens Return Guarantee

We offer high quality 1.50 CR39 standard plastic, 1.61 mid-index plastic, 1.67 high-index plastic, and 1.74 very high-index plastic.

When you are ordering the lens on our site, our lens recommendation system will suggest the most suitable lens for your prescription. Find more information about our Premium Lenses and prices.

Based on your prescription entered during checkout, our lens recommendation system will suggest the most suitable lens.

You can read more about our lens recommendation on our Premium Lenses page

Yes, we provide all of the above lenses.

For more information about these types of lenses please refer to our Premium Lenses page

Unfortunately, we do not sell any prescription or spare lenses for frames that have not been purchased through our website.

When purchasing sunglasses with prescription lenses, MR offers the option to match the color and gradient of the original sunglass lens for FREE!

This option is automatically selected but can be changed to other options such as Gradient Tints, Full Tints, Photo chromatic, Polarization, or simply No Tint.

Please note that Color Matching does not include any additional effects in the original sunglass lens such as Mirror, Photo chromatic, or Polarization.

Polarized lenses help to reduce glare from reflective surfaces. Most tinted lenses absorb the light and dampen the brightness, but only polarized lenses can reduce the blinding glare. We offer 2 color choices for polarized lenses: Polarization Grey and Polarization Brown.

Photochromatic (Photochromic) lenses are non-tinted lenses that will turn to a tint if exposed to Ultraviolet (UV) radiation. We offer photochromatic lenses in the colors grey or brown.

Tinted lens are lenses that have been treated to become a certain shade of color.

Gradient tinted lenses are fully tinted on the upper area and become gradually clearer towards the bottom.

Our lenses include the latest advanced Super Multi-Coating treatment free of charge with all prescription lenses. This treatment includes:

  • Anti-scratch coating
  • Anti-reflective coating
  • UV protection

Anti-scratch coating

This coating minimizes small scratches that can occur during day to day use. However it will not prevent deep scratches if the lens comes into contact with hard surfaces.

Anti-reflective coating

This coating will reduce reflection, reduce glare, and enhances the contrast when looking through your lenses.

UV protection

This coating shields your eyes from virtually 100% of the Sun’s harmful UV rays.

The majority of the eyewear products we sell are not one-size-fits-all and therefore you will need to select the correct size.

The easiest way to find your frame size is to check the size that is printed on the inside of your current frames. This is usually a good indication of the size you should buy.

  • Check out the Virtual Try-on function on our website to virtually try on items from the comfort of your own home.
  • The new Style finder will help you to find a frame that matches your personal style or you can use our guide to find a frame based on your personality!

While most of our eyeglasses and sunglasses will be ready to wear, we suggest that once received you have them adjusted to your face by an optician for optimal fit and comfort.

If you have not received emails from MR, our emails may have been filtered out by your anti-spam software.

To ensure you receive our notifications, please add our email address to your address book or contact list.

[email protected]

An incorrect email address may have been entered. If you have not received an email from us within 24 hours of purchasing your item, please Contact Us.

A backorder occurs in situations when a particular model is popular and has temporarily run out of stock, both here at MR and at the manufacturer’s. This is not uncommon in the designer eyewear industry however we always try our best to avoid it.

At the moment we are unable to offer gift vouchers for purchasing. Once we are able to offer this option, we will update our website to indicate this.

If you are looking to buy a gift, please note that we offer a hassle free 100 days Return Policy for an exchange or refund. We can also send the gift directly to the intended person without any extra charges.

We accept all major credit cards through our secure Global Collect and PayPal e-Commerce banking platforms.

Read more about the banking platforms:

  • Global Collect
  • PayPal

When you reach the payment section of the checkout process, select the PayPal payment option and input your registered PayPal e-mail address in the space provided.

If you do not have a PayPal account, you can simply enter the required payment details.

Visit our Invoice Page, to download a copy of your invoice.

We advise you to check with your health insurance provider if you will be eligible for rebates from our online store. It is important to note that we cannot guarantee that you will receive a full rebate or reimbursement from your health insurance provider. These rebates will be at the discretion of your insurance company, employer, or health provider. We provide an invoice for proof of purchase only.

After delivery, you can easily access your invoice online at the Invoice Page.

MR is committed to ensuring compliance with international industry set Privacy Regulations. The Privacy Regulations outline best practice principles, which are set for private sector businesses on how to handle personal information.

The MR Privacy Policy has been prepared for you as part of our commitment to maintaining excellent customer service and provides you with important information on your privacy rights.

For more detailed information please visit our Privacy Policy Page.

All transactions are protected by Thawte, a world-renowned online security system, ensuring that every transaction is 100% protected.

MR takes credit card security very seriously.

Our accounting department may at any time request additional information regarding the credit card details to ensure that there is no fraudulent activity.

We have your best interests at heart and are dedicated to keeping your details secure.

MR have 8 branches in Seremban.

  • MR Seremban Jaya
  • MR Rasah Jaya
  • MR Kong Sang
  • MR Uptown Seremban 2
  • MR Rembau
  • MR Senawang
  • MR Sri Pulai

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All our products are 100% authentic and sourced from original distributors. We offer a 1 year Warranty on manufacturing defects and if you are not satisfied with the product you can return or exchange it. Check out our Returns Policy for more information.

Yes, we offer price match guarantee on many of our products, to read the full criteria please visit our Price Match Guarantee page.